Yelland & Papps. Depth Down Under in SA.

We hadn’t ventured too far out of Adelaide City until just recently. The day had come for our virgin trip to the Barossa and we were pumped. Driver, Friends, Wine - check, check, check! 

Maybe we looked like proper city folk and our tour host wanted us to be absolutely sure what we were in for “Just so you know, this place is not much more than a tin shed”. Yelland & Papps was so much more that than that. We were greeted by husband & wife team Michael & Susan in an old cottage, come cellar door & office. The fire was lit, the room warmed, two chesterfield sofas separated by a sprawling platter of local meats, cheese and bread. We embarked on a journey of local history and knowledge, of a community that supported each other and elevated thy neighbour in clear mutual respect.

We were lucky enough to be shown through the aforementioned tin-shed of goodness, tasting wine from barrels, discussing techniques and experiments - some that will pay off and some that may not. Michael was so down to earth, his sales technique was no more than telling the truth. The experience was raw, not commercialised & sugar coated. Informal but educational. We shared great wine and stories with the guys that actually made the wine we were sipping! 

Yelland & Papps was cosy, homely & down to earth. This is a must see on your next tour down under.