Perth Concert Hall. Josh Pyke & WASO.

Only a month or so earlier we visited the Perth Concert Hall as part of the venue's open day. The place was flooded with kids, and there were activities galore. That day I sat and imagined the building with a personality at that moment alive but in shock, like me overwhelmed by the noise, energy, and excitement that such a building would rarely see. This day was so special. For it was encouraging the next generation to an interest for culture & the arts.

Lucky for me, the building and I would meet soon after in a very different environment. This time a less casual affair. Josh Pyke and the West Australian Symphony Orchestra were coming together in a must see likely to happen only once in a lifetime event. The Perth Concert Hall is striking and so brilliantly lit in the evening. The approach sets the tone and as you enter and step foot on the sprawling red carpet you feel a sense of “all grown up” come over you. 

Ticket collection was such a smooth process. The PCH staff were friendly and welcoming and the facilities themselves were very clean and well maintained. The Hall is sensational, not a bad seat in the whole house. 

Josh Pyke appears so humble, an aura of appreciation surrounds him when he performs on stage. This was a unique experience for Josh & his audience. With a background in punk, rock, pop and folk music, standing in front of a full orchestra was a new and exciting prospect. We got to hear Josh’s songs brought to life, the stories retold in a new musical language. The depth and complexity that can be achieved with orchestral arrangements is refreshing and exciting. 

We believe in collaboration, and this event backed our belief that when you bring together great talented people the result will be an audience filled with awe.

Thank you to all involved in such a special night of music. 
Photo credit: Perth Concert Hall - Venue Menu
Josh Pyke - unknown