The Ellington. Cool.

Snap Shot
Super cool and authentic jazz venue perfect for enjoying music right up close to the artists.

Perfect For
Music lovers, something different, couples and small groups.

We Loved
The intimacy of the whole venue and the proximity of the tables to the artists. No need for big screens here!

The Story
Yes, Charlie Watts from the ‘Stones jammed at The Ellington when they were in town for their most recent tour. That’s the story anyway, and we’re running with it.

But that’s not the reason for our visit. We’d been intrigued by the grassroots reputation and vibe from this venue for quite awhile.

A birthday celebration and an Amy Winehouse tribute gig came together perfectly and after dinner at La Cholita, we wandered across to The Ellington.

This is one very cool venue, with or without Charlie on the drums. Dark, black and basic, the main room provides a utilitarian background that makes the music and the players the heroes. Just as they should be.

Tiny round tables crowd the stage and being so close, within metres of the players, is something unusual and super exciting. Perth Arena this ain’t.

Attentive table service means you can enjoy the music uninterrupted without having to get up to queue at the bar.

This is a fantastic venue and one of our favourites. You don’t have to be a jazz fan as such, all music lovers will dig this joint and from what we saw on the night, it’s guaranteed to be a-jumpin’.

Go get your jazz on.

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