Monte Fiore. Italian Hospitality Like a Big Hug From Nonna.

Snap Shot
Genuine, homestyle Italian cooking delivered by friendly staff in a warm atmosphere.

Perfect For
From family celebrations to daytime business meetings.
Coffee and a cheeky dessert.
Dinner before a show at the Astor.

We Loved
The handmade Gnocchi and Ravioli, the passionate explanation of the menu and personal suggestions.

The Story
Your host at Monte Fiore, David Caro, has an Italian Nonna inside him that bursts out every time he steps onto the floor of his restaurant. Spending an evening in this classic Italian is a lot like sinking into the warm embrace of a charming, happy Nonna. A Nonna who is also a damn fine cook.

We’ve been well aware of this venue for a long time, but had never walked in, until now, and we’re very glad we did.

Monte Fiore is a bit of an institution on Beaufort Street in the heart of Mount Lawley. This little charmer has been there for a long time and has seen plenty of trends and trendy eateries come, and go.

Monte Fiore has stayed, survived and flourished thanks to a dedication to great service and a sustained passion for producing simple Italian food to a high standard by demonstrating a flair for the classics combines with a flair of innovation.

This is a restaurant that’s happy, friendly, open and equally accepting of everyone. These are beautiful qualities and often not all that easy to find. The owners have made the large room feel relaxed and intimate and this is a place where every effort is made to make sure you feel welcome, understand the menu and receive suggestions that are relevant to the tastes of you and your group.

Staying a while is easy, which we did, and we never felt like it was time to move on, or that they wanted us to leave so they could fit in another sitting. That’s nice.

Monte Fiore is not the place to go if you want to hang with the hipsters and order share plates of thrice aged beef sitting on beds of massaged Quinoa. It probably never will be either, and that’s just fine. This is a venue that knows who it is and why it exists and has every intention of staying that way.

If you love classic, simple Italian food done brilliantly and served to an impeccable standard, these are the things that this restaurant does day after day and night after night. They are also the things that will see Monte Fiore maintain their high standards in welcoming service and lovely food for years to come.

Next time you’re wandering past wondering, stop and go inside instead. You’ll definitely walk out with a satisfied tummy and a happy heart.

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