The Alex Hotel. Walking the Talk.

Snap Shot
This is a hotel that has a very good idea of what it means to achieve cool and comfortable.

Perfect For
Pretty much anyone from corporate suits looking to chill to upmarket backpackers with a little bit of budget.

We Loved
A whole lot about this place, from the carefully considered interior design and furnishings, to the overall relaxed vibe and ‘right at home’ atmosphere.

The Story
We are suckers for new things. There, we said it. Not that The Alex is brand new, but still, it’s fresh and we’d enjoyed the build up to our first visit to this place because if you haven’t heard the name mentioned, you must be new in town. (Welcome to Perth!)

Fantastic first impressions were made by a rack of bikes available for use by hotel guests. Hip and healthy at the same time, as well as being open and generous too. We love the oversize front door too, and so through it we went...

The Alex Hotel has featured in a ton of conversations between friends and visiting guests over the last twelve months. Our expectations were set to find a well considered, highly detailed, boutique hotel worthy of corporate high flyers, discerning travellers & not-so-broke backpackers. We were not let down because the Alex has hit the mark. Actually, they have hit several marks with impressive accuracy.

The ground floor lobby feels like home, a space where you can comfortably relax, catch up on the latest news or have a chat with fellow guests. With comfortable furniture and a barista-manned coffee machine, this is a very nice environment from which to get the day off to a flyer.

One floor up and we were greeted by another communal space, again well detailed with the emphasis on making sure guests feel a high level of comfort while they are away from home. This is a lovely space to enjoy your complimentary breakfast with charge bars so you can plug in and catch up on work. There’s comfy soft seating and an honesty bar if you want to take the edge off. Yes, that’s right, an honesty system… a lovely touch that impressed the heel out of us, and tempted our dark side. Hmmm… what’s a standard pour exactly?

The hotel rooms are a generous size and well appointed. Most offer city views and/or a small balcony. Walk in, wind down, relax and take your shoes off - that’s a Mongolian goat hair carpet under your feet. Oooh! Nice. Different. Unusual.

At the top of the building, a multi-purpose meeting space and rooftop balcony complete the experience at the Alex and we’re really looking forward to seeing these areas in action asap.

We’re more than a little in love with The Alex and suggest you go and take a look around yourself. It’s cool.

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