Bobeche. A Gorgeous Little Bar for City Escapes.

An atmospheric little hidey hole, tucked away and waiting to be stumbled upon.

Perfect For
Happy hour, catching up with friends, date night and sheltering from the rain.

We Loved
The happy hour prices, or “Melbourne prices” as the staff call them, and laid back, bluesy ambience that takes you from real world worries to somewhere much sexier.

The Story
A long working week deserves a long cool reward in the form of a cheeky happy hour cocktail (or three). Perfect timing for us then, when we happened across an intriguing sign and discreet stairwell.

On a stormy spring night, Bobeche provided us with the oasis of calm we needed after a hectic day in the office.

This place delivers and delivers. From the wallet-friendly prices to the relaxing sounds of their gramophone, the cosy mood lighting and the popcorn machine, this place is pure class with zero pretension.

To us, it suggested a dark Parisian bistro from the early 1900’s, with moody, deep paintings and heavy curtains creating theatre, without dramatics. Whatever escape destination it creates for you, suffice to say that you definitely get a strong sense of transition when you walk through the doors. And the lovely, nostalgic smell of fresh popcorn certainly adds to the atmosphere and sense of escape.

Can’t decide what you feel like? Have one of their dapper bar staff fix you a cocktail in a teapot (no, we’re not kidding) and you won’t be disappointed.

The location of this lamplight lounge means it attracts the suits and we can see why, 5 minutes in and you’ve forgotten all about the frenzied day you left at the office. Tuck into a bowl of free popcorn and sink into an intimate corner to hit reset.

The bar staff know their cocktails upside down and inside out but they deliver their knowledge and skills with understated modesty and let your taste buds be the judge.

Come on down right here.

Bobeche is the perfect antithesis to the city’s hubbub. Bartender, please pour me another.


By Carly Connor