Perth Arena. Robbie Williams. Yes, he’s Still Perth’s Son.

Snap Shot

Robbie rocks Perth in a performance defined by superb production design, high energy and great voice.

Perfect For

Singing along to the hits with a great view of an exceptional show.

We Loved

The production design and the smooth, well oiled operation of Perth Arena.

The Story

Yes, we went to see Robbie Williams the other week at the Arena.

Ok, we’ve all heard the bad press. The drugs, the girls, the tatts, the bare bummed mooning etc. and etc.

But let’s face it, Robbie was 16 when he started living the high life with UK super pop group Take That, so let’s cut the guy a little slack. It’s pretty damn impressive that he’s still going strong.

Ok, it’s pretty damn impressive that he’s still alive. But he is and he’s in good health and fine voice.

Robbie really loves performing and it stands out a mile. He loves the audience and enjoys engaging with individuals during the show. Detached he is not.

Robbie is still the Cheeky Chappie from Stoke and he has the touch of the common man. This elevates his shows immediately because everyone in the arena can see and feel that he is present, focused and having a ball.

The support act were average at best, but they had a high point during Robbie’s set when he got them back on stage to perform with him - nice touch.

The show opener was a highlight. Huge text being typed onto a big screen in a conversational style with the audience. This sort of thing:

Hello_ - Crowd roars hello.

Is anyone there_? - Crowd roars that there is someone there.

Perth. Am I still your son_? - Crowd confirms that yes, Robbie is most definitely still their son.

Seriously though, this opener was beautifully done and a brilliant way to launch the show.

The opening number was Let Me Entertain You and it all rolled on from there.

We’re not music reviewers, but Robbie was in fine voice. The guy can definitely sing and the crowd loved his hits. He teased us with them throughout the show, starting and then stopping the hooks from Better Man, Angels et al to tease the crowd, before launching into another track.

He did a short acoustic set on guitar that included an hilarious tribute to his young son. Very funny indeed. And he brought out his Dad for a few songs, which was nice, but not a musical high point.

Probably the best thing about Robbie is that the crowd really sings along with the hits, and being in an arena with a few thousand others, all singing word-for-word, is a fantastic experience.

Perth Arena is a great venue where everything runs very smoothly indeed from entry to exist and everything in between - food, drinks, toilet breaks. It’s all easy with minimal queueing. (Some of the ladies might dispute this point, and fair enough too).

Coming back to Robbie’s genuine engagement with the crowd, our lasting memory is of Robbie’s face after wrapping the show with Angels and My Way. Robbie was waving his final farewell and just before he disappeared down the stairs for the last time, he glanced back with a look of genuine sadness on his face. He was a little unhappy that the night was coming to an end, and that was a lovely thing to see.

Ignore the haters and if you haven’t been to Perth Arena yet, get along and put it to the test yourself.

We’re big fans.

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