18 Degrees Restaurant. It was way hotter than that in Broome!

Snap Shot 

A brilliant and beautiful little restaurant overlooking Roebuck Bay and serving all sorts of truly impressive food.

Perfect For

Take a group, or just your special one, for lunch or dinner to try new foods and flavours in a cute and cruisy venue.

We Loved

The food. It blew our minds and the views of the turquoise bay are a feast for the eyes.

The Story

We found ourselves in Broome for an awards event and being first timers, we did some exploring.

We were staying on the old side of town, not the Cable Beach Resort side of Broome. Who knew Cable Beach isn’t the location for the town itself!? Not us, but you live and learn.

So, we were staying near the legendary Matso’s Brewery, more on that in other Venews, and the Mangrove Hotel.

One of us likes to use technology to find things to do and the internet had thrown up a name with some great reviews and it turned out to be just a few dusty red streets from our hotel.

Through the sweltering heat and humidity of around 38 degrees, we walked to find the oasis that is the restaurant called 18 Degrees. Not sure about the original of the name, but maybe it refers to the temperature the locals wished it was more often. Yep, it’s hot in Broome at the start of the summer season.

Ok, 18 Degrees, let’s get back to it. This is a lovely little bayside venue that’s smart and casual with high ceilings and a large open deck. We were happy with the look of the place as soon as we walked in and the staff were friendly and happy.

We sat out on the deck, in the shade, and ordered waters, beers and some juice. It was lunchtime and it pays to stay hydrated in the tropics.

The food at this place is really very, very good. We ordered a wide range of plates to share from prawn and crocodile cakes and fish to duck shanks and a pear salad.

Ingredients and combinations reference asia with a modern and innovative twist. They like to use some some spice, in a good way, and flavours are exciting and dynamic with surprising combinations that work really well in the heat. They are clever people the ones you’ll find in this kitchen.

Wow. It was all amazing. Seriously, check the photos and it tasted even better than it looks. When you find yourself on Broome time, take the time to find 18 Degrees, at least once. We were only there for two nights, and we went twice! It was that good.

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