The State Theatre. The Red Balloon.

Snap Shot 

A gorgeous interpretation of a beautifully moving story in Perth’s State Theatre, a truly glittering Perth venue.

Perfect For

Drama and stage lovers who love to be up close to the players.

We Loved

The creative and engaging interpretation of this story and range of emotions throughout.

The Story

If you’re not familiar with the story of The Red Balloon, do yourself a favour and rent the movie, it’s a timeless French classic. Get tissues first.

To bring you up to speed, the original French film tells the story of a young boy who is followed around Paris by a big red balloon. It becomes his companion as his day unfolds with various challenges involving the city and some of its inhabitants.

One of the film’s defining features is the almost complete lack of dialogue. While the stage production didn’t attempt to mimic this, in so many other ways, the players from the Swan Theatre Company did a lovely interpretation that had our Mum in floods of tears as the play came to its poignant conclusion.

Our short person, aged 6, was thoroughly engaged and enthralled throughout the 50 minute performance. With rats and cats, moving buildings, old ladies, bullies and the dynamic and cheeky Red Balloon, there was plenty going on as the show ranged from comedy to tragedy and laughter to tears throughout the performance.

The theatres in this venue are lovely and give everyone a close and clear view of the whole stage. Even in the main Heath Ledger theatre (where this performance was not) there is a real feeling of proximity and direct involvement, which is a fantastic way to experience live performance.

In a time where all sorts of entertainment is delivered on the screens of the devices that we take everywhere, it’s a beautiful thing to get young children up close and personal to see a show performed live, by real people,.

And we couldn’t finish this article without mentioning the architecture of the State Theatre itself. Glittering and golden from the outside, this spectacular effect is even more dramatic inside.

If you haven’t been already, go and wander into this building, it is truly beautiful and a lovely Perth landmark.

And even better of course, book a show, for your big people or your little people, it’s a fantastic way to be entertained and escape for a little while.

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