The Canton Bar. We Searched. We Anticipated. We Found. We Loved.

Snap Shot

Another hidden gem giving a great sense of discovery with a mysterious but warm atmosphere and killer Asian inspired cocktails.

Perfect For

Casual groups looking for fun, staff drinks on a Friday night or even an intimate lover’s escape.

We Loved

The mystery, the atmosphere and the sensational cocktails. These guys are doing it well.

The Story

The invite came through on the Instagram feed but we couldn’t quite pinpoint exactly where the Canton Bar was. Why hadn’t we heard about this place sooner? What I do know is that we found Canton Bar three years later than we should have, but hey, better late than never and we’re here now.

Don’t make the same mistake!

As the city’s pockets slowly fill up with great venues, hubs are connecting and creating a constant flow of activity. You never know what you will stumble upon next as Perth continues its recent transformation from dead centre into a thriving modern city full of options continues for all of us.

These days (and nights) venturing out further than you normally would always brings the reward of discovery.

You’ll enter the Canton Bar off Hay street into a hallway that immediately transports you to a place (or a galaxy) far, far away. Dimly lit and saturated in red light, there is a distinct aura of the unknown.
A long flight of stairs creates suspense, excitement and anticipation as to what we will find when we reach the top. The reveal is a very nice surprise indeed as you enter a space that is warm, friendly, open and with some killer Asian cocktails ready for the sampling.

Canton is clean, comfortable and the staff are knowledgeable about their good offering of small eats and extensive selection of drinks. It’s been just over three years since opening and these guys know what they are doing.

We suggest this venue for your next casual group gathering, birthday, friday night drinks or a hidden escape for loved-up couples.
Canton also offer Cocktail Making classes for groups of up to 25 and hold free Sensology classes on the first Wednesday of every month. That’s different! And we like different.

Hit them online right here.

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