The Old Laundry. Light Bites.


Super stylin’ interior design, great atmosphere and natural light plus a nicely done menu done nicely by lovely wait staff.

Perfect For

Ladies who lunch, cosmopolitan culture, fun afternoons with friends.

We Loved

The daytime food menu, effervescent bar staff and oh so cool interior design.

The Story

Looky here, friends, we’ll come straight out and say that we leerrrve this place! Food is top notch, staff are persuasive without being pushy, the cocktails damn good and the decor… let’s just say we’ve got a bit of an interior design fan-girl thing going on.

A prime piece of Mount Lawley real estate, we spent a cultured couple of hours browsing the Angove St Collective and local patisseries before swinging by this joint for a late afternoon Aperol Spritz and some light bite sharing plates. Muy delicioso! See, we’re coming over all cosmopolitan again.

The daytime food menu offers comforting classics and trusty old faithfuls with a dash of flair and a good dose of TLC - the grilled haloumi is cooked to perfection.

The guys running this haunt are a genuinely friendly bunch who want to provide first-class food and drink and see the clientele having a great time - now there’s an ethos we can get on board with!

Whether you’re dressed up for cocktails with the gals or slumming it on a seedy Sunday, you’ll be welcomed just as warmly. Busier periods might mean a wait for your cocktail but it’s totally worth it, these bartenders really know their stuff and the attention to detail is nothing short of impressive.

Just trust us when we say you’ll have a great time here, even if it’s just propped up in the window for half an hour to watch the world go by.

But if you do need a little extra convincing then how about this - they serve Sunday breakfast until 2.30pm and that includes their homemade peanut butter and chocolate mousse pop tarts. ‘Nuff said.

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By Carly Connor