Amani Bar & Kitchen. Are you a Lay-dee?


Amani gives the girls an opportunity to access some luxury without taxing the purse.

Perfect For

A Girls Night Out or course. Bubbles and banter all night long without breaking the bank.

We Loved

The tunes - they were cranking! The party in here rages long after neighbouring venues have called it quits.

The Story

A wee slip of a bar, these guys know how to do Ladies Night right. The modest blackboard outside tells you everything you need to know about the wild evening ahead - glasses of bubbly for just $6. Yeah, you heard that right! Fellas, you might wanna seize this opportunity to have a guilt free night on the couch watching footy.

This place is all about letting your hair down, kicking up your heels and shaking off that long week. With a cocktail in one hand and your heels in the other it’s the perfect cure to the working week and launch pad for the weekend.

Amani’s decor and boutique size make it feel like a fun little secret you’ve discovered with your girlfriends. The narrow strip of bar and the black and white tiles give the place an off kilter, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ feel. If Alice drank Espresso Martinis that is.

With the DJ churning out back-to-back classic hits (we’re talking Kate Bush over Katy Perry) the atmosphere is electric and bar staff do a fine job of ensuring your glass never stays empty for long (bubble me please!).

As the Cyndi Lauper saying goes, girls just wanna have fun, and Amani know exactly how to deliver it by the glass full.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m headed for the front of the queue.


By Carly Connor