Print Hall. Amazing Space.

Snap Shot

Size matters sometimes and Print Hall is a massive and impressive room. The ceilings must be 3 storeys high and that makes for an impressive space with a big atmosphere to match.

Perfect For

Anytime CBD drinks, fine dining, special occasions and pre-show and pre-dinner drinks.

We Loved

The scale of the place, combined with the opportunity to find a cosy and intimate corner in the same amazing space.

The Story

We’ve been here a few times, and we don’t even work in the CBD, although most of us are only a stone’s throw away.

This time we chose Print Hall for a small gathering of Venue Menu staff to catch up, explore ideas and celebrate some achievements and milestones.

The entrance to this venue is impressive. The height of the room is towering and so is the bar that forms a huge central island around which the huge space revolves.

What’s really nice about Print Hall is that you can still find a little corner where you can achieve a sense of intimacy in the wide open spaces. That’s a great thing, and not easily achieved. Ask any interior designer.

We shared some grazing plates of all sorts of food and everything was, at best, incredible, and at worst way, way above average. Happy faces and clean plates all around.

Print Hall can help you out of you’ve got a big rowdy group, or a smaller quieter one. In the main bar the cocktails are awesome, the beer and wine lists are never ending and there’s a great selection of hearty food.

We’ve heard many times that the Print Hall dining room is right up there scaling the heights of Perth dining and we’ll report back when we’ve tasted for ourselves.
And remember, this building also holds Apple Daily with zinging asian fusion food in diner-style booths, and right on the roof, Bob’s Bar - a fantastic roof bar in the heat of summer.

Guys, we’ll think you’ll agree that Print Hall is amazing, times many. And we haven’t even eaten in the dining room yet!

Check them out here.