The Alex Hotel. Sleep Over! Oh so Stylish Snoozin’.


Hiding in plain sight, this hotel is a charming, quirky and indulgent destination right in the heart of Perth city.

Perfect For

Special occasions, anniversaries, treating yourself, a mini-break without the mileage.

We Loved

Roof terrace, roof terrace, roof terrace. Did we mention the roof terrace?

The Story

We’ll admit it, our expectations were high, because we’d popped in for drinks before. We were eager to discover what more was in store so we arrived for check in 30 minutes early (you can’t fault our enthusiasm).

Our room was ready and waiting and reception staff rolled off thoughtful suggestions for the weekend ahead that would suit tourists and locals alike.

It’s a pleasure to say that even with high hopes the rooms did not disappoint and most come with a small balcony, score! Your own sliver of Northbridge heaven, they make gorgeous afternoon sun traps.

This is a place that thrives on designer subtlety with decor in muted greys and mustards, clean lines and concrete. Oh, and the showers are really risque. An electric blind is all that stands between the shower and the balcony. So you can share your luscious rain shower with the world should you feel that way inclined….don’t say we didn’t warn you!

It’s easy to while away an afternoon nestled in one of the hotel’s many sunny spots. Grab a board game from the mezzanine, some nibbles from the Honour Bar and park yourself for an hour or two. As day gradually fades to dusk we recommend making a beeline for the Roof Terrace (plonk a beer on the room tab). What. A. View. Incredible. You won’t find another quite like it.

Accessible only to guests, the Roof Terrace is a chance to appreciate Perth with fresh eyes - what a charmer this city is! Open all hours, happy hour up here is whenever you want it to be and if you play your cards right you might just get it to yourselves. Whilst we could go on and on, we’ll leave something for you to discover yourselves.

If you can pull yourself away from that duck down duvet the following morning, breakfast is a laissez-faire occasion. Grab a paper, pile up those homemade pastries and enjoy the leisurely vibe. Their mini Bloody Mary station is amaze with every condiment and accompaniment under the sun. After round one of the buffet we could resist no longer… it was a special occasion after all!

Check out comes all too soon, but with time to have explored every nook and cranny and a refreshing night’s sleep under your belt we were ready to step back out into the real world.

Maybe just one last breakfast muffin for the road...

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By Carly Connor