Stranger Danger Dinner Event at Lot Twenty.


Dining in the company of strangers is helped by great food, engaging conversation and the odd personal confession or two...

Perfect For

Anyone in search or something different, new people, good conversation or when you’re just feeling downright ballsy!

We Loved

The whole shebang, because we’ve never spent an evening quite like it.

The Story

The Stranger Danger story is spreading through Perth, rife with speculation of what the evenings involve. Rumour had it they were booked until the end of the year but we applied on a whim and luck was on our side.

A few weeks after an intrepid first email (umm...hi. Can I come to dinner, please?) a response landed in our inbox and the questions it prompted - who, what, when, where - became the best part of the build up.

The evening finally arrived after dietary requirements were confirmed and price and location (Lot Twenty, yay!) disclosed just days before.

Nerves tingling, initial jitters were gone in the first 15 minutes. Stranger Danger has those bumbling introductions covered thanks to instructions left on the table and any immediate awkwardness soon dissolves.

Thankfully our group had more than enough to talk about. Conversation cards scattered the table but much of the evening was spent ‘off script’, though it must be said that the cards are fantastic. Vague, outrageous, witty and occasionally downright controversial… or perhaps that was just us.

Topics veered all over the place, from technology to hygiene to awkward dating stories (sorry guys, what’s said at the table, stays at the table). The result is a whole host of bizarre, brilliant and oddly charming anecdotes.

Punctuating our chatter were three delicious, indulgent courses - Charcuterie and cheese boards, mac ‘n’ cheese gnocchi - gooey perfection - and a decadent chocolate slice. All praise the elasticated waistband!

There’s something wonderfully open about dining with strangers, you’ve got nothing to lose so nobody holds back. If there’s an unusual or uncomfortable narrative you’ve been wanting to get off your chest then you’ve found a safe space in which to share it.

If the 8 of us never cross paths again, we’ll take away a delightful tidbit from each and every person around the table - A morsel of memory to look back on fondly.

Try Stranger Danger, we dare you.

Find their website here.


By Carly Connor