Brika. Greek the Great.

Snap Shot

We love this place. The food is super tasty. The fit out is authentic, with much of the feature pieces having been flown in from Greece.

Perfect For

Hot summer nights al fresco with a European feel, delicious food, cold drinks and tons of happy vibes.

We Loved

The authentic fit out (the owners are definitely Greek), the alfresco olive grove on hot summer nights.

The Story

We were introduced to Brika by a trio of Greek- Australian brothers who really love their food. Especially lamb. On a spit. Opa! Thanks very much to Peter, George and Alexi for introducing us to the food and bubbly staff at Brika.

When people who share the origin of the restaurant dine there in droves, you can be confident that you’re in for a good night of great food.

That’s the case with Brika and this venue is always busy with a wide variety of people - couples, inner city locals and Greek and European families. As such, the vibe is fun, happy and energetic.

We know from our Greek mates that many of the interior design features, the front door among them, were flown in from Greece especially to give Brika it’s genuine authentic vibe. It works. The place feels like a Greek taverna or Meze Bar, even though it’s located at the base of a fairly new Northbridge apartment development.

Both with the interior, and the expansive al fresco area, the owners have cleverly created a Greek oasis in Northbridge. There is definitely a fantastic feeling of transportation and escape when you sit down at Brika.

The food is great. Tasty and authentic. All the traditional Greek dips, done wonderfully well. With other more substantial dishes such as prawns and octopus. Greeks love their lamb and here it is to die for. You can eat it with a spoon, quite literally. It’s slow cooked, juicy and aromatic with garlic and rosemary. It’s hard to stop eating it.

The staff at Brika are friendly and helpful and this is the perfect venue for families and bigger groups who want to enjoy European food that tastes great, in a casual setting that’s all about relaxing and enjoying life.

Go to Brika on hot summer nights, sit outside and stay awhile. You’ll love it.

Visit Brika here. Now. Opa!