The Bird. Chilling. Right. Out.


A mellow afternoon spent in the heart of the Northbridge scene.

Perfect For

Music lovers, summer nights under the stars, laidback catch ups with mates

We Loved

The courtyard - A slice of chill smack bang in the middle of the city buzz.

The Story

The Bird is heralded as something of a pioneer amongst the Perth indie music scene. Mention it to any muso and they’ll shake their heads and smile, because they know the bird.

This venue is the child of the same brain that brought you the Toastface Grillah cafe, so there’s some serious venue smarts going on here.

Indie darlings aside, this is a top spot if you’re looking for somewhere to settle yourself with a leisurely pint. The entrance is easy to miss - This joint is understated. With a big reputation, newbies sometimes expect something more ‘grandiose’. But don’t be fooled, this is the home of one of the city’s coolest courtyards. Something about sitting under those fairy lights makes the food taste even better and the beer crisper and cooler.

The Bird is open seven days a week, take one look at their wickedly cool schedule and you’ll soon see why - They offer everything from hip hop karaoke and exhibitions to drag queen parties and then some. If you’re one of those people who loves discovering music before everyone else then you’ve hit the jackpot, this place promotes local talent way before it hit the airwaves.
Staff are easygoing to a tee and always happy to recommend a light bite or drink to suit your mood.

Their food menu really knows how to tickle your fancy. Think comfort food meets BBQ with a sprinkling of health-conscious options. Hats off to anyone who opts for the salad when there’s squeaky fried cheese curd and home fries to be had.

There’s probably no better description of this place than the one they’ve given themselves - “a comfortable home for performers, listeners, dancers, drinkers and conversationalists to do their thing.”

The Bird radiates good time vibes and we recommend you go get some!