Fringe. The Quay. Limbo. Amazeballs and Seriously Sexy.

Snap Shot

We love Elizabeth Quay, it’s a great addition to our city. And this Fringe pop-up venue is a cool addition to the Quay. This show is gasp-out-loud amazing.

Perfect For

Limbo is perfect for making 70 minutes seem like 5. This is a fast and totally enthralling show of amazing feats of human strength and creativity.

We Loved

The dark, sexy atmosphere of the venue. The mishehief and fun the show. The amazing physical abilities of the performers.

The Story

Haters are always gonna hate and Perth’s Elizabeth Quay has copped some flack. Let them hate. We love it. It’s been beautifully done and genuinely transforms the river side of our fair city. We look forward to seeing it evolve.

We went down on a warm Tuesday evening to see the Fringe show, Limbo. We ate pizzas and enjoyed cold drinks on the lawn, with the sunset reflecting off the city above us. What’s not to love about that!

So, to the show. This Fringe pop-up venue is superb. Walk inside and be transported to Europe in a much older and darker age.

Limbo, despite its international flavour - With French and Canadian accents from some of the players - is a Melbourne show. It’s all about physical feats of balance and strength, comedy and fantastic music delivered by a live band.

Limbo is an awesome show. It is totally engaging with every member of the crowd up close and personal to the performers on their small, elevated stage.

From acrobatics, juggling and elevated balancing to sword swallowing, fire breathing and stylised sexual flirtation, this show has got a whole lot of amazing things going on.

It’s almost worth going purely to see the incredible physiques on the performers. They all have muscles where we’ve never seen muscles before. But don’t. Go instead to admire and amaze at their talents.

The live band is a brilliant and central part of the performance as they drive the show along with a bombastic and beat-driven mix of wind, percussion and guitar.

The venue was packed and the crowd loved it with delighted laughter and gasps of fear and awe coming from all corners of the room.

We have seen far more experienced Fringers than us say that this is one of the best shows they have seen.

Believe it. Limbo is so incredibly amazing and great fun that the 70 minute show feels like a bout 10 minutes. We want more!