BASIL!!! The Fawlty Towers’ Dining Experience.

Perfect For

Rigby’s is perfect to experience an old school hotel, pub and restaurant right in the middle of the city. But we went for the Fawlty Towers show, and it was perfect for that. This show is, as per the reviews, hilarious and great fun.

We Loved

The uniqueness of the show. Discovering the unusual venue and laughing solidly for two hours.

The Story

So, we found the venue after some pre-dinner drinks across the road in a hotel that happened to be full of kilted scotsmen, but that’s another story…

We descended to the function room in the basement of the hotel. A little unusual, but it worked very well by making the group feel as though we had entered another world and left reality behind for the night.

We were signed in by a lovely young lady with hints of Polly, but she wasn’t part of the show itself.

The bar area soon filled up, and after a drink or two, Basil Fawlty came in and started straightening a crooked picture on the wall.

Then Manuel came in and Mr Fawlty started barking orders.

From there, the laughs came thick and fast for two hours. The show is interactive, so we, the guests, were seated by Basil and Manuel after a roll call full of jokes and jibes at various guests.

As the evening unfolded, Sybil emerged and the cast cleverly weave references to some of the TV show’s most classic moments into the evening, combining them with ad lib moments and some new ideas.

The cast all look physically similar to the original actors, and played their parts very well with Basil and Manuel being the funniest, as you’d expect.

The players served the food, assisted by the Rigbys staff. The food itself was simple and good enough, but you’re not there for fine dining, and who would expect that at Fawlty Towers anyway?

In the beginning, the audience started off half nervous and half amused, with none of us quite sure how far we were going to be dragged into the narrative.

As we all relaxed, the show gradually accelerated and soon reached the heights of chaotic madness the series is famous for.

Highlights included the numerous misunderstandings between Fawlty and his waiter, the appearance of the pet rat, Sybil’s fury at her husband and the painful insertion of a fish and Fawlty’s goose-stepping across the dining room.

The room was packed and the show must have been sold out, and with good reason. This is a very funny night out, especially for fans of the original series.

We had a ball, thank you Fringe!