Flora and Fauna. The prettiest breakfast we ever did see.


This cafe may be small but they’re giving the big boys a run for their money.

Perfect For

Leisurely breakfast, a health kick, vegetarians, french toast like your mumma makes.

We Loved

Presentation - everything is delectable, and the duo running this place kick ass!

The Story

Where to begin?! Fast becoming a regular of our Venusers, this place is an utter delight and you’ll never see a breakfast or raw dessert made to look prettier.

When we say that everything here is made with love, we mean it. From behind the petite kitchen counter, owner Ali (a one-woman wonder) makes everything fresh, entirely from scratch and most of it’s vegan, free of refined sugar and/or gluten - if not all three at once - and tastes unbelievable! If you have friends who claim that healthy food tastes ‘yuck’, bring them here, pronto!

The breakfast and lunch menus can vary slightly in accordance with fresh, seasonal produce but signature dishes, such as their french toast, are here to stay. Our tip is to head down early to get stuck in before they sell out for the day.

Enrapturing our taste buds six days a week, their weekend breakfast runs into the afternoon and the only day they close is Monday. A fact we’re guilty of forgetting all too often when we rock up for a lunch time pick-me-up to kickstart the week. 

Absolute must-trys are their Banana Bread (so moist, so flavoursome, so more-ish) and their famous pancakes that’ll knock the socks off both health nuts and junk food, er, junkies. Flora & Fauna might be the only venue where we’d actively encourage people to share photos of their food, the presentation is just that dreamy.
So without further ado, we suggest you head down there sharpish and try it for yourselves. One piece of parting advice - if you see cookies on display by the till, buy one. Seriously, you’ll thank us later.

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By Carly Connor