Kitsch for Phad Thai Tuesdays.


Easy peasy, delicious dinner and you’re not even $20 out of pocket.

Perfect For

Asian fusion flavours, unwinding after work, impromptu date night.

We Loved

The mellow ambience - this is a cushy dwelling hidden from the tumult of the city.

The Story

It’s been a long day, you’re still ages away from the weekend and just wanna take it easy. That’s exactly the predicament these Venusers found ourselves in. The kitchen cupboards were bare and feeling pretty uninspired, thank goodness they had a lightbulb moment. ‘Aha, Phad Thai Tuesdays!’

Kitsch has been on our ‘must try’ list for ages and what an absolute charmer of a venue. Think courtyard meets man cave meets botanical garden - these guys have the whole ‘inside outside’ dining experience down to a tee and the place is kitted out with Asian-influenced artistic flair.

Smiles all round from the staff and exotic smells emanating from the kitchen, you’re soon transported a million miles away. The menu is a tantalising selection of taster and sharing dishes with an abundance of exciting flavours, we very nearly blew off the special in favour of splurging on everything else.

If you’re not bothered by a beverage then the Phad Thai is a mere $15, but if the ice cold Chang takes your fancy then it’s worth chipping in the extra couple of bucks - They’re pulled straight from the ice bucket and make the perfect aperitif on a balmy Perth evening.

Best get yourself down there next week, and street vendors of Thailand watch out - These guys are giving you a run for your money!

Their website is right here.


By Carly Connor