Mosmans. An Established Icon Still Doing it Well.

Snap Shot

We went for dinner with old friends, a joint birthday and a general celebration and this venue and the food they deliver made it a brilliant night out.

Perfect For

Functions. We’ve had some mind blowing finger food here in the past. Weddings, obviously. First dates and romantic dinners.

We Loved

The seafood. The charm of the decor and being sat over the waters of the Swan River. These are not things you find everywhere.

The Story

Like we said above, we went with a foursome of old friends, with some shared birthdays (or close enough anyway).

Why Mosmans? Mm, good question. We can’t recall the exact decision making process, but certainly seafood platters were involved, as was some nostalgia. But also, let’s not forget, Mosmans has won

Restaurant of the Year in 2013 and 2015. This is no dusty old relic, they have still go it all going on in swags.

The mood in Mosmans is gorgeous, it’s intimately lit and perfect for romance or intimate gatherings of old friends like ours. We’re sure it’s the go to for man first-daters and it’s perfect for that.

We had a lovely table in the corner and almost felt like we had the place to ourselves, which we didn’t of course.
There was a lot of shared love and history and happiness around our table, so after some lovely little starters, we went for a dual serve of share seafood platters. Yes!
Amazing. Many, many seafood delights done delightfully well.
We had an awesome evening, with great service from intelligent people who know their food and their wine.

Mosmans is off the beaten track for many of us, but worth the short detour to get to a magical location doing modern seafood brilliantly well.

Mosmans, you’ve still got it baby!

Take a look at them online here.