Lucky Chan’s Laundry + Noodle Bar. Lucky Us.

Snap Shot

A quirky, multi-level venue in Northbridge with a fun and funky fit out serving very, very good noodle bowls with tons of flavour and variety for all.

Perfect For

Working lunches. Mid week dinners. Getting noisy with friends. Fun and casual are the key words here, so leave the ties and good leather at home.

We Loved

The quirky layout. This venue just seems to go up and up and up to a funky third level deck area. The fitout screams fun with tons of colour and quirky, modern design.

The Story

We joined a Lunch Chan’s regular and Northbridge local for lunch at the (by now) legendary Lucky Chans Laundry + Noodle Bar.

We had nothing to wash, so we settled for the food, but next time we plan to recreate the famous Levis ad. We’ll sit and eat in some spotless white boxer shorts while the Levis go around and around and around.

Ok, where were we? Oh, yes. We arrived first and it took longer than expected to search the venue because of the 3 stories of Lucky Chan’s fun. We didn’t expect that and it makes for a very cool venue.

Up, up, up the stairs we went, to the top deck where we found students chatting and eating at booths.

No luck there, so down, down, down we went to the ground floor where you eat at long tables and share the room with the bar and the opening to the kitchen.

Turns out we got there first, so we sat on the ground floor.

When our experienced local did arrive, we let him guide us on the ordering which led to a huge bowl of steaming noodles scattered with seasoned beef, vegetables and spices. We had a beer each too, just to combat the chilli of course.

This is a satisfying meal that leaves no room for desserts, so bring your appetite

The broth is superb. Rich and complex and the beef tender. The overall flavour profile is delightful with enough chilli to make it very interesting, without causing any pain.

This is very, very good Asian food, done casually and with a great sense of fun happening all the way.

So, who is Lucky Chan anyway? We’ve got no idea so get along to this Laundry + Noodle Bar and find out for yourself. We’ll be back.

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