Creatures Next Door. The Quiet Little Sister.

Snap Shot

Right next door to Little Creatures (go figure), Creatures Next Door is elevated, upstairs, with views across the harbour.

Perfect For

We hate to say it, but maybe the ‘older’ crowd, which some of our team may be a part of, bless them. If what you want to do is relax and talk and still have all the LC fluid and edible delights on tap, then this loft-like venue is a great way to change it up.

We Loved

The view. It’s incredible because you’re up high and overlooking Fishing Boat Harbour. Also the casual seating, all configured like multiple wall-less lounge rooms with sofas, coffee tables and easy chairs.

The Story

Do we come here often? Yes, we do. We think we’ve seen you here before. Probably. Some our southern Venusers are real fans of CND.

This is more a bar than a restaurant with all casual couch and easy chairs seating and most often plenty of room to relax, chat and stay awhile.

It’s almost always quieter and less crowded than the more famous and original venue. And you’re on the second story, so you’re elevated up above it all. On a warm summer, spring or autumn evenings, the deck that sits right over the water is a beautiful place to be. To chat, have a drink, some famous Freo frites and watch the sun sizzle into the Indian Ocean.

The consistency and quirkiness of the LC service policy is well documented and suits the brand perfectly. And the food is also fantastic and dependable. They are onto a good thing and they stick to it. All these advantages are available at Creature Next Door.

It’s not going to be everyone’s preference, simply because the vibe is a little more chilled.

But if you haven’t been, we suggest running up the two flights of stairs and poking you hear around the door.

There’s way more than a little to find next door.

Pop in here.