West End Deli. Fair Go!

Snap Shot

Characterised by quirky creativity on everything from the food to the fit out. For us, that makes for fun, original and enjoyable experiences.

Perfect For

Anything where you want to be confident that it’s all going to be great and run smoothly. A day time date, a catch up with old mates or a casual business meeting.

We Loved

The West End Deli do eggs and sides better than just about anyone we know. And probably better than plenty of places we’ve never heard of too.

The Story 

Ok, so West End Deli got some attention because two people from a cooking show gave them a review and it wasn’t positive.

We’re not going to get into the trappings of the five minutes of fame and ‘Perthonalities’ but we believe that it’s better to put your influence to work in a positive way.

We saw the publicity and we knew of West End Deli, and we liked it last time. So, we wondered. Have they changed? Have they been ripped off here? Was there another agenda to the bad review?

In the spirit of the Aussie ‘Fair Go’ we took ourselves down for breakfast to put the rumours, the review and the brou-ha-ha to the test.

In short, we reckon they’ve been ripped off and the review was a little out of line. Enough said about the past. Here’s what we found.

The West End Deli are pioneers in doing things a little different. Order avocado with your eggs, and it’s not just avo, you’ll get avocado infused with mint and peas, a lovely surprise that works superbly.

The West End Deli spin is on everything and it’s always unique and brilliant. Chairs hang from the ceiling and mirrors protrude from the walls to create a fitout and decor direction that is striking and has stood the test of time.

We arrived early in the day and there was only one waitress working the floor, who quickly let us know that it was a little busier than usual and her calvary wasn’t too far off. She was doing a great job in all accommodating us and the other patrons.

This is a great place to sit, relax and take your time sipping and eating.

Combine the atmosphere with the service and a commitment to high quality ingredients as the basis for all dishes, and you’re onto a good thing.

Don’t believe the hype. Make up your own mind. Get over to the west side this weekend.

Find them here right now.