Tuck In at Northbridge hot spot Tuckshop.

Snap Shot

Central Northbridge, popular, very tasty and nice, positive energy vibes.

Perfect For

Brekkie. Ok, we admit it, we often have breakfast meetings at Tuckshop. It’s just so consistently good, and we love the people.

So, definitely get in for mid week and weekend breakies, but also lunch or to grab one of their pies. Never before has a single pie been so, so, very, very satisfying.

We Loved

The perfectly poached eggs with simple, classic sides.

The smiling waitresses.

The compact size that is always popping with good energy.

The Story

There’s not one story for Tuckshop, there’s many chapters.

Our first experience was a lamb curry pie. My word! One pie felt like a full and generous square meal. Rich, buttery pastry and a filling that was just packed with flavour, generous and rich curry sauce and tender lamb. We. Were. Blown. Away.

These people haven’t called themselves a ‘Piehouse’ for nothing. Take one of these pies on next time you’re passing and feel the need to treat yourself. You will be satisfied. Like, lie back in bed and light a cigarette satisfied. Yep, they are THAT good.

Ok, we like the pies.

More recently, we’ve been doing breakfast meetings. They are very good. There’s not a lot of room for the laptop, but hey, brekkie meetings are never that serious, are they?
The coffee is superb, the eggs are poached with scientific accuracy and consistency, which is always a huge +.

We love the sides. They are always fresh, simply and delightfully prepared and combine with the main order to create simple, healthy and delicious breakfasts. All these things combine to make them perfect for getting a working day off to a flier.

Tuckshop. These guys are delivering a long way above any of of our school canteen memories.

Check them on Facey here.