Bib & Tucker. Beachie Brekkie.


Almost on the sand, overlooking Leighton Beach from on top of the surf club. This is what eating out in Perth should be all about way more often.

Perfect For

Well, anything really. The breakfasts are fantastic, and a walk in the sand or a swim in the surf are right there for before or after. Lunch is great and we can only image that summer dinners at sundown are pure luxe.

We Loved

The location location location. The ocean in the near distance, so close you can smell the sea salt and hear the waves. That gets a huge heart from us.

The Story

As you’ve seen, we dropped in one weekend morning for breakfast.

We’d heard good things and loved the idea of the location, so we were ready to be delighted, and we were.

As we’ve said before, we’re not food critics, and at Bib & Tucker there’s little to criticize. It was lovely. Plenty of choice, generous portion sizes and the best dishes seem to be the ones with original twists, where the chefs have been allowed to get a little creative. We consider this to be a good sign.

For brekkie, all your favourites are there plus some more interesting and unusual options. The pancakes are indulgent, the avo on corn bread was excellent and the Huevos Rancheros something to ‘Areeba!’ about.
The coffee is very nice, and they do take away too, if you want to wander on the beach as you get your fix.

Overall, we had a great experience. The only thing we could see that needs a little tweaking was the service, it was a little slow and a little cold. But we believe service is a very personal thing and sometimes it all comes down to the wrong person on the wrong day.

We loved Bib & Tucker and will be bobbing back real soon. You should too.

Take a look at them here.