Jumpin’ Friday Nights at Mount Hawthorne's Jazz Cellar.


Friday nights get very cool in Mt Hawthorne as people get down in the Jazz Cellar. Bursting with personality, character and great music.

We Love

Everything! This is such a fantastic, different and authentic night out full of feel good vibes.

Perfect For

Something different.

Lovers of Jazz.


The Story

Welcome to the best Friday night ambience in Perth. There, we said it.

Once a week, on a Friday night, a sleepy Mount Hawthorn street erupts with the sound of the sax. Hello, Jazz Cellar!

To understand the hushed-up hype around this place it really needs to be experienced first hand, so please excuse us while we indulge.

The backbone of this place is the house band - the cruisiest bunch of old timers you could ever hope to meet who have been playing together for decades. These people produce an electric atmosphere and, quite frankly, there’s nothing else like it anywhere in Perth. Paris and New York, most probably, but not Perth.

Those less educated in the art of Jazz (ahem, over here, that’s us!)) need not worry that they’re in for a night of scatty, unknown tunes because these guys play a bit of everything. Jazzy renditions of 80s pop songs, blues, and even the occasional Disney tune on the trumpet. You might not be a karaoke fan but by the end of the night we bet that you’ll be singing along to something.

Tickets are like gold dust and can only be booked a max of two weeks in advance so you better be ready to make the commitment. It’s so totally worth it. If spaces do open up you’ll receive a text that morning. First come first serve so keep your phone close to hand.

If you want to eat while you drink in the jazz, just call the pizza place next door and they’ll deliver straight to your table and BYO is encouraged.

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