Juanita’s Bar in Subiaco. Quirky fun, especially on Fridays.

Snap Shot

Quirky. Eclectic. Fun and flippant on Fridays.

Perfect For

Summer coffees in the day time.

Snacks, cocktails and cold bevvies after work.

We Loved

The quirkiness and lack of pretension.

The fun on Fridays.

The Story

Juanita’s is right up the top end of Rokeby Road, way, way, way up, past Jean Claudes (God love that man!) So, you know where we mean.

It’s well away from the busy-ness of downtown Subi, which is a good thing. This end of Subi-town has changed in the past handful of years and there’s a healthy little hub of interesting options up here now.

Juanita’s Bar is a quirky and jumpin’ little joint that is great for daytime coffees and snacks, and even better in summer for after-workers, sun downers or getting your Friday night kick-started.

We have some friends who work in the vicinity and they speak of Juanita’s as one might talk about an illicit affair - Excited, a little bit guilty and in muted tones of “I don’t want to be found out!”.

It’s that kind of place. It feels a little ‘Devil-may-care’.

Towards the end of the week, this makes this bar a great place for drinks and some laughter. During the week and the middle of the day, the charm of the place and the eclectic, fun loving fit out and some interesting locals makes it a nice change to the typical Subi-scene that’s found closer to the Hay Street lights.

Next time you’re planning coffees or drinks in Subi, keep driving up Rokeby and pull over in this precinct. Stop at Juanita’s first of course, to get your bearings, and then have a wander around because you’re sure to find other cool options.

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