The State Buildings in the Perth CBD. VIP. Very Important Parking.


Snap Shot

We’ve been in a few times now and had a good old nosey around. It’s definitely worth and the developers and architects ought to be congratulated. And Meadow Lea marg won’t cut it. (Look it up).

Perfect For

Architecture and interior design students and fans.

Coffee and convos.

Beer lovers.

Wine lovers.


We Loved

Pretty much everything we came across.

The Story

If you’ve ever walked past the lane way that leads to the main entrance, you might have noticed the vehicles that tend to be parked outside. Not. Many. Holdens. No sir. But say yes sir to Ferraris, Porsches, Audis and even the odd Lambo.

So, let’s assume that the people who drive this level of vehicle are not going to be dossing down in anything 3 star. No way Jose!

Like these cars, this precinct has been re-developed to appeal to the top end of town. It’s grand. It’s luxe. It’s beautifully finished from top to bottom.

We’re fans. Can you tell?

Ok, so, on this visit our focus was on having a look around and a wander through. And that we did.

The central hall is pretty much jaw-dropping and the best thing is, you can order a casual coffee and sit and chat in this incredible space. Do it sometime, you’ll feel fancy.

Wandering into the hotel, the signage is designer-cool and the furniture is superb.

We tried knocking on the doors to some of the rooms, but no one was answering. (We didn’t really!)

Even without access to the suites themselves, there’s plenty of public spaces to take a look at and when you’re done wandering, there’s beer bars, wine bars, coffee bars and, er, food bars ready to refresh you.

Go and explore. It’s impressive.

Start here.