Mary Street Bakery. Master chefs hang here, and so do lots of mere mortals.

Snap Shot

Cool. Popular. Vibey. Central Mt Lawley. Good food. Bad doughnuts.

Perfect For

Coffee and doughnuts. You know, like cops do.

Brekkie. Brunch.

Bubbles and cocktails. Sure, why not.

We Loved

We like lots. We find it hard to resist the doughnuts. We’re like fat cops in that way.

The Story

They say, well, we’ve heard, that George Calombaris likes popping in here when he’s in Perth. So, he’s a Master Chef judge and owns one or two or three of Australia’s most premium restaurants. So we’re going to assume that the places he chooses to go casual must be pretty good.

We been here heaps. We come for business meetings with coffees. We come for lunch with friends. We come for brekkies and brunches on the weekends to recover and recharge.

So, as you’ve already seen, we’ve mentioned the doughnuts. So, we’ll cover them one more time. They are very, very good. And they are probably very, very bad for you. But hey, as long as we do the right things most of the time, we can do the wrong things sometimes. Right? Ok. Now that we understand each other, let’s get back to the d’nuts.

Salted Caramel. Plain sugared. Peanut butter and jam. We know right! These babies are big, they’re light and fluffy and oozing with those bad-ass flavours. Be careful, they may be addictive.

Other than the d’nuts, the rest of the food on Mary Street is excellent, sometimes surprising and definitely interesting. Take a look at their menu online, or even better, wander down, sit down, and take a look in real life.

Mary Street is a busy place on a great corner location and most of the time full of good vibes and energy. That attracts people and it keeps calling us back. If you have resisted thus far, stop it. Get down there.

Online them here.