Koffie Winkel. More than a pretty face and chipper name.



Understated cafe perfect for sleepy Sunday mornings and easing out of the weekend.

We Love

Dutch style pastries.

Coffee done right.

The decor and tasteful, muted tones.

Perfect For

Weekend mornings with a paper.

Sheltering from the Northbridge hustle and bustle.

The Story

“What does it all mean?”

We’ve found ourselves asking this from time to time. And this time, we’ve got the answer. It means ‘Coffee Store’ In Dutch. The name, that is - Koffie Winkel. Cute hey? We thought so.

Cute by name and cute by nature, this little hideaway in Northbridge provides a nice little nook in which to find shelter and very nice coffee and pastries.

The menu is short and sweet, literally. There’s not a lot to choose from, so don’t come here expecting to kill time reading a lengthy menu. What you can expect is a short menu of good coffee and good things that go well with good coffee. Like pastries, for instance. And homemade bread.

And ‘Appleflaps’. You’ve gotta love these Dutch words - Fun to say and even more enjoyable to consume!

Ok, you get the idea. Koffie Winkel is about doing a small number of things very well indeed and we respect that kind of focus.

But that’s not all. There’s food for the mind too. This cafe doubles as a small art gallery so there’s some interesting art to take in with your caffeine and carbs.

Koffie Winkey is artsy and industrial, fun and focussed and worth a look and a taste test next time you need to duck away from the Northbridge hustle.

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