La Sosta. La Yumsta in Fremantle.


Italian food on a higher plane with a dedication to fresh, local ingredients and pure Italian minimalism.


Perfect For

Lovers of classic Italian, done well.

Italian tragics who want dishes that are not your average.


We Love

The service - Classic Italian friendliness.

Discovering new Italian dishes.

The energy.


The Story

Since this visit to La Sosta, they have moved, but not very far. They have shifted slightly sideways and upwards to take on a second storey space overlooking the Fremantle strip. We can only imagine that this is even better than their previous, ground-floor strip-front location.

Ok, that’s the onwards and upwards covered.

Some of our Venusers are definitely Italian-tragics. They love the country, they love the people, they lovelovelove the food.

And in Freo, there’s no shortage of options. Some wonderful, others less so.

La Sosta is a good one. It’s a little more up market that your average pizza and pasta joint, so not a place you’d just drop into for a lazy Friday night pizza.

La Sosta does good Italian very well by sticking to simple, classic dishes, using the freshest ingredients, and allowing carefully selected produce to be the heroes of each dish.

What we’ve loved about La Sosta is the discovery of some new dishes, that are not your usual suspects. Like a minced-seafood ragu sauce with pasta. It sounds a little strange, we agree, but it works beautifully. Stuffed and crumbed mussels. Also delightful and a great little zingy seafood starter.

If you’re going to La Sosta and you like fish, order it for your main. The simple butter, lemon, parsley sauce makes the fish sing and zing. Superb and some of the best we’ve ever eaten.

There’s a great energy to this dining room, partly because it’s small and fills up quickly, but also because of the staff. Most are Italian-born and there accents and Euro-character adds to the charm of the place. They are, of course, super-friendly and great with small children.

We love La Sosta and will be visiting again!


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